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What We Do

Custom Software

We are an IT Company which provides high-end custom software development and consulting services for large and medium businesses.

We have extensive experience working in custom database development as well as web based application programming.

The reason for our success is that we continuously strive to utilize the latest software development platforms in order to provide our clients with solutions that are ahead of the industry standard.

Vertical Markets

  • Government
  • Computer Software
  • Banking and Finance
  • Education
  • Media

Horizontal Markets

  • Project Management Systems
  • ERP modules
  • CRM systems
  • Training Systems
  • Web portals

Technology Expertise

  • C++ (UNIX, Win32/64)
  • Java (SE, EE)
  • .NET (ASP.NET, ADO.NET, WinForms, WebServices, Remoting, WPF,WCF)
  • RDBMS (Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL)

Application Domains

  • Distributed Architectures
  • Application Security
  • Embedded Systems
  • Low Level Programming

Project Management

We offer comprehensive range of services within the field of information technology to meet the needs of businesses and government in order to successfully accomplish their project goals.

We have in-depth experience managing all types of projects within the private and public sectors.

Our mission is to foster long-term relationships with clients by providing professional project and it management consulting services.

To that end, we will deliver projects for our customers that exceed industry standards in terms of cost, quality and time.

Cloud and Virtualization

We offer the methodology to achieve the full potential of cloud computing.

Our expertise allows us to choose the right technology platform to underpin your cloud, and put in place an operating model optimized for the advantages of the cloud environment.

Following the footsteps of many successful companies, we will show you how to embrace cloud as a comprehensive IT strategy, examine how to build, rent, operate and staff your cloud environment and measure the efficiency, agility and reliability improvements achieved through cloud computing.

Fiber Internet Service

We have partnered with Canada’s premiere communication provider iTel Networks in order to provide our customers with an option to the status quo.

Our futuristic vision and innovations allows for lightning fast connectivity, unsurpassed reliability and most importantly a significant cost savings.

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Recent Projects


Tax Administration Software (TAS) is a simple and powerful administrative tool designed to help tax administrators efficiently manage the complete annual tax cycle.

It is truly a one stop shop for all aspects of property tax management. It includes:

  • assessment data import
  • folio maintenance
  • budgeting
  • rate setting
  • tax notice generation
  • payments receipt with financial reporting
  • collection and enforcement

For First Nations, TAS is compliant with the legislative requirements of the First Nation Financial Management Act (FMA) and policy and standards of the First Nations Tax Commission (FNTC).

TAS Cloud

TAS Cloud (released September 2013) is a product of five years of customer service and customer feedback. The new version incorporates all of the latest technology, including web delivery, mobile devices support and the latest in SQL Server security and DB management. Most importantly it focuses on the tax administrator’s key tasks and streamlines them into a manageable work load. It is designed for small communities which do not have large budgets for multiple personnel nor a complex administration software and the maintenance costs associate with them.

TAS Cloud provides all of the necessary tools to operate a small taxing community and includes features that have always been out of reach for small organizations. They are:

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FNG website on laptop and phone

First Nations Gazette

A revolutionary twist on the traditional gazette site.

The project was initially started to document the First Nations laws and by-laws as enacted by the local band council.

The functionality was eventually expended to include specialized search modules with step by step instruction, customer profile function, public notice submission module, SharePoint integration and much more.

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First Nations Property Ownership Initiative

A ground breaking First Nations initiative which proposes federal legislation that will return ownership of current reserve lands to First Nations and confirm their jurisdiction over those lands.

We have been the primary IT consultant for the Government of Canada on how to approach, build and manage the First Nations Land Registry.

The work performed to this date helped to create many of the legal documents that will form the basis for the way that select First Nations communities will transition into land ownership.

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FNPO Website on a Desktop

Smart Asset Management on Desktop and Laptop

Smart Asset Management

Free, open source IT Asset Management HTML5 web application.

Built on top of cutting-edge web technologies like Laravel, JQuery and Bootstrap. We could not find asset management software that fit our needs so we built our own and open-sourced it so other people could use and improve it.

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